Silver Gyeon Q² Flash Evo Pro Package 10 year Ceramic Coating (certified range)

Silver Gyeon Q² Flash Evo Pro Package 10 year Ceramic Coating (certified range)

Service Description

Q² Flash EVO is a unique coating dedicated to Certified Mobile Detailers. Its fast curing formula allows application under various conditions, including outdoors. With great self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties, it will provide chemical & UV protection to any automotive paint.

The one-of formula is designed to bond and cure quickly on any glossy paintwork independently of temperature & humidity. Making it the first coating worldwide that you can apply outdoor.

Looking for the best protection without moving your car from your driveway? Q² Flash EVO is a coating dedicated to the Mobile Certified Detailer program – a network of skilled and trained mobile professionals. The program is available in selected countries only.

Gyeon Quarts coatings are the most trusted and scientifically backed coatings in the world and this is why we bring only the most dedicated and sophisticated coatings to all our customers.

-Pressure wash pre wash clean (removing dirt before we even touch the paintwork)
-Clay bar (if needed)
-Gyeon Iron remover decontamination clean
-Gyeon Snow foam wash
-Two stage bucket wash
-Micro mitt clean
-Clean slate snow foam wash (removing oils & waxes from the surface of the paint)
-Stage 1-2 paint correction (reducing defects & swirls within the paint)
-Gyeon Prep wipe down, (oils waxes removed before applying the coating)
-Gyeon Q2 Flash EVO 10 year certified ceramic coating
-Gyeon View (glass ceramic coating)

Vacuum/wipe doww

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